The Five Things You Need To Do Everyday To Get More Coaching Clients In The Next 30 Days

Janine Do Cabo is The Founder of JDC Digital, The Founder of JDC EXEC, and the Lead Instructor Behind Learn Social Media.

Her latest book, IN10TIONALITY, has changed the lives of tens of thousands of people. Janine’s advisory work with small business owners has helped dozens of businesses to grow. From her home office in Johannesburg, she now empowers coaches with the tools to gain remarkable results.

Janine now combines her coaching and web design skills to create websites and digital strategies that help coaches like you attract more clients and earn a great living from doing what you love.

Is Your Website Losing You Money?

You’re a qualified coach who’s ambition is to run your coaching practice full-time, without having to worry about not making bank this month. But you lie awake late at night worrying about finding enough coaching clients to make ends meet.

With no sales or marketing know-how, you don’t have a clue how to attract your dream coaching clients.

You’ve created your website on Wix or WordPress and written the content yourself. But you don’t have web design skills, so your site looks like a template rather than custom made, tailored to your goals. On top of that, it’s also failing to attract the right clients.

As a coach with over 10 years’ experience of working for myself, I’ve been in your shoes. I struggled to find clients when I first started out. I could create a professional website due to my web design background, but I made the classic marketing mistake of trying to talk to everyone instead of focusing on my ideal client.

Since I’m passionate about sharing my knowledge and empowering other coaches to reach their potential, I’ve developed this Essential Website Service for Coaches.

If your website is costing you thousands in missed clients, sales and opportunities, then let’s fix that! You can’t afford not to have an effective website in today’s world.

Custom Coaching Websites That Leave Your Mark

Designed To Attract and Convert

Whether you’re in need of something new or a fresh update, having a unique website designed for your target market and coaching goals is important for overall success.

Linkedin Profile Makeover and Monthly Optimisation

Created For Exposure and Lead Gen

Turn your outdated Linkedin presence into a powerful sales hunting tool. Prospective clients like to know who they are talking to and your profile should tell them just that.

Linkedin Automation Bot Connection and Message

Automated Linkedin Outreach & More

Put your Linkedin lead generation strategy on autopilot with automated connection requests, messages, and follow-ups and only reply to leads when it matters.

Website and Linkedin Online Training

Build Your Vision Your Own Way

Personalised 1:1 website and Linkedin training for business success. Go from basic to proficient skills with your online strategy and generate more leads and exposure.

How Do You Work With Coaches?

Custom Website Design

Ditch the DIY approach and get a professional, well designed and attractive website for your coaching practice you can be proud of.

Together, we’ll clearly define your ideal client and your brand archetype, discover your Business North Star and outline your coaching offers.


R12 500

Linkedin Profile Optimisation

Stuck for words and creativity when it comes to promoting and selling your coaching offers?

We will work our magic to turn and optimise your profile into unique and engaging copy designed to build interest immediately and attract your dream clients.


R2 750

Web Optimisation Training

Personalized 1:1 website and Linkedin training for business success. Go from basic to proficient skills with your online strategy and generate more leads and exposure.

Covering training, strategy, tools, tips, and techniques to help you get more from your online training.


R1 750

Say Goodbye To Website Embarrassment…

…And Hello To New Clients!

The Ultimate Website Design Experience for Ambitious Coaches, Creatives, and Entrepreneurs

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“Janine is absolutely fantastic to work with! She is so warm and loving and you truly feel she is personally invested in your site being the absolute best representation of you. She guided me through every step of the way, always responded quickly, and overall made the whole process enjoyable. I really can’t say enough wonderful things about Janine!”

Sara Swanepoel – Life Coach

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The Five Things You Need To Do Every Morning To Get More Coaching Clients In The Next 30 Days

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