Why we do what we do

At JDC Academy, our purpose is to redefine education with a clear vision—to empower individuals to become water-like leaders who can adapt, innovate, and positively shape the world. We believe in the transformative power of intentional learning, where knowledge is not merely acquired but applied with wisdom and purpose.
JDC Academy


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About JDC Academy

At JDC Academy, we redefine education by cultivating a dynamic learning environment where innovation, intentionality, and global perspectives converge. Our institution is more than a place of learning; it’s a transformative journey for individuals aspiring to become water-like leaders—adaptable, resilient, and influential.

Driven by a commitment to excellence, our programs span leadership development, global business management, digital innovation, and more. With a blended learning approach, we seamlessly integrate in-person experiences with cutting-edge online resources, providing a holistic education that prepares students for success in an ever-evolving world.

What sets JDC Academy apart is our dedication to intentional learning. We believe in empowering minds not just with knowledge but with the wisdom to apply it purposefully. Our faculty, comprised of industry leaders and educators, fosters an environment where students not only gain insights from textbooks but also from real-world experiences.


JDC Academy Services

Leadership Development Programs

Tailored programs designed to cultivate effective leadership skills, emphasizing accountability, strategic thinking, and ethical decision-making. Our leadership development services empower individuals to excel in various professional environments.

Global Business Consulting

Offering consultancy services to businesses aiming to expand globally. Our experts provide insights into international market trends, cross-cultural communication, and strategic management, enabling organizations to navigate the complexities of the global marketplace.

Digital Innovation Workshops

Engaging workshops focused on the intersection of technology and business. Participants gain hands-on experience with digital tools, explore the latest trends in innovation, and learn how to integrate technology effectively into their professional endeavors.

Customized Corporate Training

Tailoring training solutions to meet the specific needs of organizations. Our customized corporate training services cover a range of topics, including leadership, communication skills, and industry-specific knowledge, enhancing the skills and effectiveness of corporate teams.


Ten Ways to Live a Rewarding and IN10TIONAL life

IN10TIONALLY implementing 10 IN10TIONAL habits in life, for life. You will be able to easily understand, implement and use the knowledge to further enrich the lives of people around you as well as your own.

Apply the wisdom in the coming pages to your own life. Grow in intimacy with God, Godly integrity, stature, and influence.

Being IN10TIONAL means using the God-given right we have to choose differently and in so doing, you are creating wealth, and sculpting a better life.

Buy IN10TIONALITY 10 Ways to live a rewarding and IN10TIONAL life.


My Readers Say

“I felt compelled to reach out and express my deepest gratitude for the extraordinary literary journey you provided me through your captivating book, IN10TIONALITY. I wanted to take a moment to convey how profoundly it has impacted me and how it has touched the depths of my soul. You have a gift and you are so appreciated for sharing that gift with the world.”

I highly recommend reading Janine’s book – there are so many valuable life-and-business lessons which makes it a great read for anyone wanting to level up their game. This book is a guideline, and so much more than just a good read. Through its pages, I learned valuable lessons about resilience, empathy, and the power of embracing one’s true self. I am ready to live IN10TIONALLY in every aspect of both my personal-and-business life. You are a true inspiration.

Letitia van der Walt

Direkteur Die Waarheid Radio


Leading with innovation.


Motivating and enabling growth.


Purposeful and strategic focus.


Internationally aware perspective.

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